As South Africans, we are used to persevering through hard times. Economic instability, load shedding and the queues at Pick n Pay on payday are just a few of the dreadful experiences we are forced to encounter on a monthly basis. Of course, exorbitant fuel prices are high on this list as well. But, this is a battle that the rainbow nation is always approaching from innovative angles. As the title of this article suggests, a new app offers a fresh solution to these struggles. By displaying fuel stations with the cheapest fuel and the best cash-back/fuel-reward programmes, MyTank gives users a wealth of vital money-saving information.

Destined to be an app that your uncle discovers 2 years past its popularity, MyTank has been created with simplicity in mind. After you register your account, you can select the size of your tank, your fuel type and the reward programs that you use. Like magic, users are then presented with the recommended petrol stations within their vicinity. In a nutshell, this truly is the app that the country needs right now. With so many awesome features, it has never been easier to find the best petrol station for your vehicle.

This incredible app has not been developed by a massive tech company but rather by one individual from Cape Town. Entrepreneur Rob Gardner created the app to improve his own petrol-buying experience and he hopes to help South Africa’s motorists along the way. At this point, you may be wondering if this story is fictional. You are probably thinking that a Capetonian leaving the beach and putting down their vegan smoothie to develop an innovative app is unlikely. But, like a taxi that obeys the rules of the road, miracles do happen (occasionally). 

MyTank is available for both Android and iOs software. It is also completely free to use, meaning you could check it out today and start saving immediately. For more information, you can visit the official website -