Dear Chery Owners,

We have become aware of person/s misrepresenting themselves as Chery Staff.

They are offering additional “services/benefits” whereby they claim that they will come and download software at your residence to activate services. Please note this is definitely not from us and we urgently want to bring this to our Customers attention.  Chery International do not want any of our valued Customers to become victims of an illicit scheme or fall prey to any suspicious activities.

Please note that there is no software that customers can download in their own capacity nor is there any authorized third party that is allowed to do any upgrade to a Chery vehicle.

All Chery software is intellectual property of Chery International and will only be available if released by us. Any upgrades available/required can only be done through a Chery approved dealer.

Should you receive any call of such nature, please decline the offer to engage. You can refer to your nearest dealer who will be able to advise if any software updates are available for your vehicle which is, generally done when your vehicle is being serviced as per normal service procedures.