Planning your next vehicle can sometimes be needlessly confusing, especially when you begin exploring financing options. In order to provide a simple product that helps you start a new adventure with tomorrow in mind, Audi is relaunching their Guaranteed Future Value offering. Now known as Audi Assured, this progressive finance solution takes care of your future while you focus on the present.

Based on the number of kilometres you drive per year, as well as your monthly finance term, Audi Assured provides you with the opportunity to drive at a premium level while guaranteeing the future value of your Audi. Once the future value of the car has been established at the beginning of the contract term, you can be confident about your future commitments while enjoying a competitively priced monthly instalment.

The Audi Assured process is easy. First, you will need to select your preferred Audi car. Based on this choice, a flexible deposit will be arranged (in some cases, a trade-in will cover this). From there, you decide how many kilometres you will do every year, (18 500km, 20 000km, 25 000km or 30 000km and choose how many months you want to make your fixed monthly payments (24, 36, 42 or 48 months). With your annual kilometres set and your contract term selected, we will structure a finance deal and offer you a guaranteed future value for your Audi.

Audi Assured is currently available on a number of Audi models. Protect your investment and contact us to learn more about this incredible guaranteed future value offering. The Audi team within the Hatfield Motor Group look forward to catering to your needs very soon. Simply give us a call when you are ready and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.