Paying close attention to your car improves its lifespan and adds an extra level of safety to every journey. With this in mind, proper vehicle maintenance is a no-brainer. So, while you may be the kind of person that likes to fill up and go when you visit a petrol station, you may want to make certain checks if you wish to drive with confidence. Here are 5 important checks to make when you are refuelling your car.

1. Tyre pressure
Without proper tyre pressure, you use more fuel and increase the chance of tyre failure. Monitoring the inflation of your tyres also ensures that your wheels stay aligned. We recommend that you check the tyre treads at the same time, so you know when to have them replaced.

2. Oil 
If your oil levels are low, your vehicle's engine cannot maintain proper lubrication and parts will wear down faster. It is vital that your car’s oil is regularly monitored in order to avoid both long and short-term safety issues. For an accurate reading, oil should be checked last.

3. Transmission fluid
Checking your transmission fluid can go a long way toward ensuring that your gears are taken care of. Low levels may be a sign of a more significant issue. For an accurate reading, we recommend that you check your transmission fluid while your engine is still warm.

4. Brake fluid
Cars don’t consume brake fluid, so if you find yourself running low, you have a big problem. Without brake fluid, you won’t be able to brake. If a petrol attendant tells you that you have low brake fluid levels, you should take your vehicle to a service centre right away.

5. Monitor the refuelling process
This element is quite different to the other points on this list and instead is focused on the petrol attendant that is assisting you. As humans, we sometimes make mistakes, so we recommend that you exit your car during the refuelling process and ensure that the correct petrol type and price have been selected.

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